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Steps to have a wedding at the lowest cost and good

 No one but him dreams of a wedding that will be an unforgettable night of life no matter how much money it costs, but in a globally escalating economic crisis, "the new grooms will notice a significant price rise due to inflation," says author, author and personal finance expert Erin Laurie.

Weddings became costly, with more than $410 billion in industry worldwide, and many could no longer spend tens of thousands to hold without expert opinions on how to plan an ideal budget, which included a decent celebration of low-cost joys.

Steps to have a wedding at the lowest cost and good

Therefore, grooms are becoming more aware of the wedding budget and their need for more tips to save money, making many wedding organizers do their best to provide services that are accessible to small or limited budget holders.

Savings Plan:

Saving money for a wedding is not impossible, according to editor and expert Zoe Burke, who says that "it is possible to save for a wedding within a year on discipline", by realistically determining how much is required, then determining what can actually be saved every month, and how long is needed to save it.

Taking adequate time must also be taken into account, without financial stress that may adversely affect the mood, and self-pressure is unreasonable due to preparation for the most beautiful days of life.

In order to avoid unexpected surprises, the prices of all details to be included in the ceremony must be asked and any additional charges must be ascertained prior to the agreement. Debts and credit card interest are also cautioned "so that the newlyweds do not have to pay them at the beginning of their lives".

Guest List:

"A lower guest list is equal to a lower wedding expense," is the equation emphasized by Hargreaves, since the intensification of the guest list may make things easier. Taking the time to think, before inviting everyone to mind, is one of the easiest and most effective ways to save money at a wedding.


Food is an important aspect of the wedding, a lot of its cost can be saved without sacrificing quality by making food, or part of it, at home with the help of family and friends, or early party time to serve fruits and pastry instead of costly dinner.


Smaller, single-layer wedding cakes and a simple and stylish design at the same time "are usually less expensive," says expert Erin. Having a single-layer wedding cake helps save a portion of the wedding's cost.

To save money without sacrificing elegance or taste, wedding cake can be made at home, if the talent is there, or ordered from a small household supplier, they can often make good cakes at a fraction of the cost, instead of going to luxury stores.


Buying a second-hand dress is a smart step to get a plush look, without paying too much money. For a wedding dress at a lower cost, there are many options, including shops renting out dresses that look new, or searching for last season's designs that are often priced lower than new versions.

It is also recommended to focus on end-of-season or end-of-summer discounts, or to follow wedding dresses sale sites at lower prices online. The groom can also rent an elegant and luxurious tuxedo and tie instead of buying it, and the bride can buy a dress that they have previously married and no longer need.


You should think about the timing of the ceremony, so that it stays away from busy seasons such as summer, holidays and weekly vacation days, when the turnout increases, thereby increasing its cost more than normal times.

Experts therefore propose planning the ceremony beyond the peak of the season, "as a clever idea of savings, where customers are reduced and most wedding providers receive less money."

There are also places to offer weddings that "ease tension, provide whatever is required for those booking in the middle of the week, or outside of holidays and events", says Baraka.


With regard to decoration, Hargreaves suggests "doing great handmade wedding decorations", if necessary skills are available, or using online programs to illustrate how this works.

The cost of decoration is best saved by choosing places of natural beauty such as historic sites, gardens, beaches and parks, or those with their own decor, such as restaurants or cafes that set aside a place to celebrate social events.


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