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Commission Marketing: How to earn money through marketing for others' products

 What is commission marketing:

Commission marketing is when you refer someone to an online product or service using a unique (your own) link, and if that person makes a purchase through your link, you get a commission as a result of the purchase.

As a commission marketer, you are considered a partner and marketer of the company's products you share.

What you are promoting is not required to be a physical product only, on the contrary it can earn a commission on everyone who joins a designated mailing post, or uploads an app on the phone, or any activity the company wants the customer to do, because it will benefit it in some way.

Profit from commission marketing has become a growing and existing market in itself and each year grows more than before, so if you want to make as much money as possible, follow the article where you will find a complete strategy to start and make a profit.

Commission Marketing: How to earn money through marketing for others' products

Examples of commission marketing companies:

This area has a large market, offer and order, so there are giant companies in this field, I will review with you some of these companies:

    1. CJ Company:

One of the largest companies working with big name suppliers, famous brands, which in turn provide good quality of services and products, this makes the site trusted for customers therefore will not worry about product quality.

This company is suitable for beginners because of its prestigious reputation for many years, as it is one of the oldest commission marketing companies, enjoying the confidence of most major business companies which facilitates the completion of the sale.

    2. Click bank:

One of the oldest companies that also exist, deals with marketers from about 200 countries around the world, suitable for beginners for their multiple products.

It has a great advantage that you can work without a website; This is sometimes an obstacle, because many companies require a location while beginners in the field do not own it.

    3. ShareAsale:

Known as one of the top 10 profit companies in commission marketing worldwide, this is due to their outstanding services and commissions you pay consistently, and their presence in the market 15 years ago gives them great strength and reputation.

    4. Ad work media:

One of the best commission marketing networks where you can find more than 2,500 advertising campaigns to use in promoting products.

The beautiful thing about this company is access to customer support 7 days a week.

Note: These companies specialize in commission marketing and are their primary profit area (they act as intermediaries between advertisers and publishers), while other companies offer commission marketers side programs to market their products are only such as Amazon, Noon, Google, Yodemi... etc.

Commission Marketing Profit Steps:

As always, starting is often the big obstacle, so here you will find the most important detailed steps that after applying them in their own right, we guarantee you satisfactory results and profits, just apply the following steps: 

    1-Select a platform:

Theoretically you can do commission marketing on any platform like Facebook or Twitter... However, it is much easier to compile an audience and increase the sales of affiliates via one of these two channels: a blog or YouTube channel.

    2-Choose a suitable area:

When starting the commission marketing process, you are advised to choose a field that you have little knowledge of, or know some facts about, and are interested in. Why?

The answer is simple: you are now a marketer of the company's products, and later you will create content to promote these products.

So you have to have something to convince your audience and followers how useful it will be when using this product, and preferably if you are a specialist in the field, this is a kind of social proof; The public often believe the word that comes out of an expert person.

    3-Create high quality content:

This step is very important as it is the basis through which you will create a large customer base and target audience, the audience should trust you and feel you provide content worth reading or watching.

The content you produce at first should not be too sales-focused, the customer should not feel forced or directed to buy a particular product, people do not like these practices in accordance with behavioral psychology rules.

    4-Increase the rate of visits to your platform:

You can use software like Google Analytics to analyze traffic on your site, as well as some other tools that help you track users and understand their behavior, thereby improving their experience on your platform and increasing the conversion rate.

You can also use content marketing and interact with the local community to attract more visitors. This includes regular posting of interesting and useful content for users, interacting with comments, responses and social media posts.

Moreover, you can use targeted ads on social media and search engines to attract the right audience for your platform, using keywords, interests and demographic details for potential users.

Commission marketing can be very profitable, but it requires a commitment to time and effort to make it a real business with a satisfactory return. Do thorough research and audit of all aspects before jumping into the profit step of commission marketing.

Also remember to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. If you are preparing to engage in profit from commission marketing, diversifying sources of income is a smart step.


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