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Use of smart technology in education

 The use of technology in education has a clear impact on the development of the educational system, because it is one of the modern educational tools used to promote students' awareness raising and enhance their skills and achievements. Technology has been able to create a better and more interactive learning environment than the use of old technologies.

Use of smart technology in education

Education technology is a system whose content depends on a range of sciences that are concerned with human learning based on some learning sources, which help improve students' activity and enhance their mental abilities.

In this article we will show you all the information that revolves around how technology is used in education.

Use technology in education?

How to use technology in education? A question that many ask, and they need to answer, and that's what we'll answer in our article.

Technology has become an important, central and even effective role in the development of the educational system. Many advanced educational tools have been used through the use of modern educational devices, namely screens, blackboard and electronic computers, in application of the evolving educational strategy.

  1. there must be financial support from the state in order to spend on the development of the educational system and purchase devices that help in the application of technology programs that need millions of dollars.
  2. The Teachers Authority must be trained alongside students on ways to apply technology in education, and practice its use in the development of educational curricula. Therefore, trained teaching cadres must be present to explain and streamline modern curricula enhancing the performance of students and teachers.
  3. Applying technological means in the right ways in a way that fits into scientific subjects, which differ with different study subjects, for example: some subjects should be studied in modern labs dedicated to them, such as physics, chemistry and biology, and some other theoretical subjects that need means of presentation such as theoretical subjects of Arabic and English languages, history and geography.

Work to deal with the assessment system for students by dealing with electronic files aimed at evaluating the student and strengthening the link between him and the teacher. These files are inexpensive and even less expensive than pre-used files.

The pursuit of sophisticated open-source educational sources because of their importance in the educational system, as well as their lower cost and help in the student's reliance on digital educational resources.

Promote teamwork by using audio and video recordings and watching students in classrooms.

So we answered the question that many are looking for an answer to, which is how technology is used in education.

Benefits of using technology in education:

The aim of the application of modern educational technology is to develop the educational and educational system. In addition, technology is of great importance in promoting the methods and means of education as follows:

  • Technology helped develop communication skills between the two parties and teamwork and also helped to enhance students' skills and teach sound speech.
  • Creativity in thinking and trying to create valid ways and means to think about problem solving, and the possibility of obtaining purely positive results.
  • Promote positive behaviour in student engagement and promote correct concepts and develop linguistic growth.
  • It has an important and key role in providing a rich source of information that the student and teacher must be aware of.
  • It facilitated the application of modern curricula and opened up new prospects between the student and the teacher so that they can be in direct contact through the use of private internet networks.

Methods of applying technology in education:

How technology is used in education and how this is applied will now be explained:

     Smart board:

It is one of the modern and sophisticated educational methods.

    Class codes:

This is done through the creation of codes whereby the right concepts and modern curricula are developed and taught.

    Social Media:

This is done through specialized websites, such as Facebook, where the teacher publishes educational articles and can communicate with parents, so that the guardian is against the background of what the children teach.


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