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Dear bloggers,
Fell free to deploy your advertisment offers using our service. You may offer your personal rates to make customers choise more convinient. Please note, that final price is a matter of discussion and can be changed depending on specific features such as a season, purposes etc. We do hope for your realistic approach towards the quotation. Update the rates when it is necessary. We do hope that advertisers should respect your authors efforts and realise your right to reject advertising, without any explanations.
To get the advertisers offers right now, please follow current requests.
Please be informed that we do not provide you with agent service. We do not negotiate advertisers on behalf of you . All the supporting donations are up to you . And, of course, add the link to the bloggers profile in the channel description.


Dear advertisers, marketing specialists, advertising managers.
Maximum effect of your advertisment is a matter of our great concern. Our active dialogue is welcomed . Feel free to give your coments and remarks to help us improve the service. Anyway, bloggers rates are the matter of discussion.Especially when your requests are not standart ones.