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How to Prepare Potato Omelet


6 x Green onions (minced)

4 x Number of egg (milled)

2 x hanging large mint (minced)

2 x hanging small chop

2 x Number of potatoes (large, peeled)

1 x glass of corn oil

1 x crushed mashed cup

1 x pack of corn seeds

1 x hanging small kari yellow

1 x Salt Brush (as desired)

0.65 x yogurt cup


Mix the grated potatoes with the corn, egg, bacon and curry beans in a bowl.

Prepare a bowl to fry and heat the oil and the suspension. Take a mixture of the mixture and a teaspoon of fermentation for 2 minutes on each side, and then drain the oil on a greasy paper.

To prepare the dipping sauce, add the yoghurt, mint, chopped, salt and salt, and serve with hana and shafa.


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