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You must know these things about them before you travel to London

 Travel to London! One of the most exciting and fun cities in the world. Regardless of whether this travel is imminent, or if it's just a faint idea in the back of your mind, here are some things you should know that will make your travel to the British capital smoother. 

Curiosity, packing tips, communication, boring arrangement of documents and papers - you will find everything you need.

You must know these things about them before you travel to London

The applications you will need:

Use the Citymapper app to map your trip around the city with route, time and price indications. And do not forget to pre-book a taxi using the “Hailo” app, or there is, of course, an “Uber” app that you can order for delivery anywhere in the city and at any time. 

Here's the best advice, no cash needed, just use your pre-registered credit card for all payments. Do you have a passion for trying Korean food? Then apply “Deliveroo” to get the best and most delicious meals at your doorstep. 

Don't forget to download the "Met Office" weather forecast app and the "Dojo" & "Great Little Place City Guide" app so that you are always aware of all the things happening in your city.

Residents of the city of London and their commitment to the rules of the city:

What do foxes, random pedestrians, and zip codes have in common? When you move to London you will have to get to know them all. If you ask about foxes, the British capital is full of red foxes. It is very common to see one of them in parks and backyards. 

As for random crossings, while it's illegal in most European countries, you can break a traffic light in London without feeling guilty (but beware before you do). Unlike most countries, British postal codes are very elaborate. 

It consists of the area code points in the compass and the number of serial sub-circles (eg: SE1 8SE) and these codes can be a valid indicator of a person's social standing and there are some postal codes that actually indicate the wealth of their owner.

Importance of the NHS (and your doctor):

There are some boring but important things to do when you arrive in London, is to register with your local doctor (GP). But how do you do that? Once you have a specific address and proof of residence, you have to search for it in your postal district using the NHS index and then you can register. Living there wasn't that bad, was it?

Oyster card rules:

One of the great chances is that you have heard of the mighty Oyster Card (rechargeable payment card wherever you travel). This card will open all doors for you in the City of London, for example the Dunklands Light railway station as well as the bus system. 

You can buy this card online or at any metro station. London's public transport spans across six districts and is now serviced 24 hours a day: the Night Underground (Central Lines and Victoria) and bus lines connecting central London to the city's outskirts. 

Sports fans will appreciate the premium bikes and self-catering bikes available for short trips for less than £2 a trip. As well as black cabs, taxis and Uber cars that will help you locate your way around the city.

Always be prepared:

Although London receives less rain annually than Milan or Barcelona (hard to believe but true), it is spread over more rainy days so it will look like it's raining constantly. So be sure to bring waterproof clothing and an umbrella as well as warm, heavy jackets for cold days.


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