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Electric bicycles… their advantages and disadvantages.

 Bicycles? It is safer as it is much slower than its motorcycle counterpart and does not share the same lanes with cars in general on the roads. It is also much cheaper and its maintenance is easy and low. It does not usually require any license in most countries of the world and its driving is easy in general, but it is cumbersome, limited in operation, slow and practically not useful. Except in good weather, for short distances and on semi-flat roads.

Electric bicycles… their advantages and disadvantages.

What are electric bikes?

In general, except for that, the electric bicycle is no different from the traditional one, as it can be used at any time as a completely normal bicycle, as it is not very different from it. Not running the electric motor makes it completely dependent on the pedals being moved by the passenger’s feet, but if it is turned on, the level of assistance can usually be chosen from semi-dependence on electricity completely to assistance in propulsion… To simplify things, you will feel as if you are riding a bicycle on a flat road while going up an uphill slope thanks to The electric motor that enhances the movement of the passenger's feet.

Of course, it varies according to its price and its development in the capacity of the motor. These days, motors with a power starting from 250 watts and up to 750 watts are spread in the market, passing through 500 watts, which may be the most widespread, and the power may increase or decrease, but the above is the most general, and it is possible for the electric motor to pay The bike reaches speeds of 30 km/h, which is very good. There is no doubt that there is a wide variety of features, capabilities and prices, but we will talk about what is prevalent, including the range of traffic on a single charge, which usually ranges between 40-50 km to 70-80 km.

Advantages of electric bicycles:

  1. Driving it requires much less effort than its conventional counterpart, especially at heights.
  2. Quiet and comfortable ride.
  3. It provides a very good sport without being exhausting at the same time.
  4. Its travel range on a single charge makes it ideal for urban use.
  5. Its maintenance is very easy and uncomplicated.
  6. It can be converted into a bicycle 100 percent at any moment.
  7. The same advantages as regular bicycles from ease of maneuvering and driving and much more.

Disadvantages of electric bikes:

  1. Its price is relatively high compared to its traditional counterpart, which may be several times more.
  2. It weighs more because there are more components than the battery, which usually weighs several kilograms.
  3. The same disadvantages of regular bicycles are that they are difficult to drive in unstable conditions, etc.

Electric bikes are a clean way:

If electric cars are environmentally friendly, then electric bicycles are the “mistress” of the environment, so to speak! They are practically even devoid of thermal emissions, as there is hardly any heat produced by the engine and battery due to the limited capacity and capacity compared to electric cars that contain equipment that emits a lot of heat such as the air conditioner, 

not to mention of course the need for a little electricity and from any port to charge the battery via an adapter that comes with the bike usually. There is no doubt that the manufacture of its batteries is less harmful to the environment by a huge difference than that of electric cars.


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