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Virtual reality glasses: advantages and disadvantages

 Have you ever tried to live the fantasy in reality, no matter how strange or beautiful it is, today all this is possible thanks to the VR glasses, as the glasses drop all the characters and things you love in reality, only a few dollars allow you to this experience.

Virtual reality glasses are the perfect example of virtual reality experiences, which aim to simulate reality in a digital way, and after the development and spread of this technology, it has become easy for anyone to enjoy this experience, whether in the halls designated for this, 

Virtual reality glasses: advantages and disadvantages

or by purchasing VR glasses whose price is suitable for everyone And today, augmented reality programming is no longer limited only to some companies that manufacture VR glasses only, as anyone who knows the rules of programming can program the reality he wants, create the reality he wants, then add it to the VR glasses, and enjoy his imagination as a reality. in front of him.

The history of the VR glasses:

The idea of ​​VR glasses dates back to 1966 AD, when Professor (Evan Sutherland) succeeded in inventing the first wired glasses that project digital shapes into reality, and this later opened the door to wearable computers, and these experiments were also exploited in the military, and the landing of VR glasses. 

Airplanes, where certain locations were determined by dropping letters on certain buildings or lands, and despite these historical documentation, the screens that are worn date back to 1936 AD, when the scientist (Hugo Gernbag) made the first portable battery-powered pocket television And it can be worn like: VR glasses, and after these events and a lot of experiments and research, VR glasses are developing day by day, they have evolved from two-dimensional display to three-dimensional display, and have also developed between mobile phone, VR glasses, and many other Other devices, and the matter has now developed after some simple shapes fall on reality, it has now become more accurate and complex, so we are creating a whole world and interacting with it where we can hit a ball in virtual reality with a foot in real reality.

Advantages of VR glasses:

The fun is the most important feature provided by the VR glasses, as the user has a unique experience that was just a fantasy that no one would expect to become a reality, and many people see that the price of the VR glasses is an advantage that cannot be overlooked, 

as good glasses cost only $ 15 in most The market, and this is a very low price compared to its price when it appears, or even other electronic devices, and one of the advantages that we see also is the ability of the lens to move to the right and to the left, and this feature gives greater control over the process of adjusting the vision on the screen, and in addition to this we now find thousands Games and programs that are compatible with these glasses, and the matter is not limited to visual playing or walking and making simple movements only, 

as the glasses have become attached to a remote control that is placed on the hand, and this device communicates with most electronic devices via Bluetooth, and we also find that the glasses work well Good with 360-degree videos, and the lightness of these glasses on the head with a strong installation device is one of the features that should not be overlooked, and the advantages of the glasses do not depend on games and entertainment only, but are also used in many applications. Such as: driving the tank at an angle of 360.

Disadvantages of VR glasses:

Despite the many benefits that VR glasses enjoy and their many uses in various fields, like anything else in life, they have benefits and harms, and one of the noticeable damages now is that when you activate the zoom feature, the image is weak and unclear, 

so that pixels can be easily noticed and due This is mainly due to the presence of some problems in the glasses, and in any case it still has a long way to progress and development, in addition to this, we find that the graphics are very weak and the colors are faded and unclear, and it is recommended to use strong modern smart phones if we want to run the graphics, and we find that the glasses It doesn't work well on small screens as it starts out giving a good picture at 5.5 inches (inch). 

Some recent German research also mentioned that glasses negatively affect the psychological state of their user, especially if he spends a lot of time in them, and constant playing with them causes headaches, lack of focus, fatigue, and anxiety, and many doctors doubt that glasses do not affect the eye negatively, as it is believed A lot is that any electronic screen can be damaged, if it is used for a long time, and some users also find a lot of control problems, forcing them to run applications manually on the mobile.


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