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Benefits of eating nuts for your body

 Research has revealed that regular consumption of unsalted nuts such as walnuts, almonds and pistachios significantly reduces the risk of death from heart attacks and strokes.

Scientists found that people who ate nuts at least twice a week had a 17 percent lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

Benefits of eating nuts for your body

"Nuts are a good source of unsaturated fats and contain little saturated fat... They also contain protein, minerals, vitamins, fiber, plant sterols and polyphenols that are beneficial for heart health," said study author Dr. Noshin Mohammadi Fard of the Isfahan Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases in Iran.

He added: "European and American studies have found a link between nuts and cardiovascular protection, but the evidence is scant from the eastern Mediterranean region."

The study, presented Friday at a summit of the world's leading cardiologists, examined the relationship between nuts and the risk of cardiovascular disease and death among Iranians.

A random sample of 5432 adults aged 35 years and over who had no history of cardiovascular problems was selected from urban and rural areas in the provinces of Isfahan, Arak and Najafabad.

A 2001 Food Frequency Survey assessed the benefits of eating nuts including walnuts, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts and seeds in a 2001 Food Frequency Questionnaire.

Interviews were conducted every two years to 2013 with participants to track cardiovascular problems.

The results investigated coronary artery disease, stroke, cardiovascular disease, deaths from any cause, and death from cardiovascular disease.

Among the participants, 751 cardiovascular events (594 coronary artery disease and 157 stroke), 179 cardiovascular deaths, and 458 deaths from other causes.

Eating nuts two or more times a week was associated with a 17 percent lower risk of death related to cardiovascular disease compared to consuming nuts once every two weeks.

Even this relationship was strong after factors such as age, gender, education, smoking, and physical activity were included.

It is noteworthy that the guidelines of the European Society of Cardiology specify that eating 30 grams of unsalted nuts per day is one of the characteristics of a healthy diet, noting that the amount of energy in nuts is high.

Dr. Mohammadi Fard said, “Raw fresh nuts are the healthiest… Nuts must be fresh because unsaturated fats can oxidize in stale nuts, making them harmful… You can tell if nuts are spoiled by their fragrant smell. paint, and its taste, which is bitter or sour.

The research was presented at the European Society of Heart Health and World Cardiology Conference 2019.


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