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UAE Citizens Furious At US Embassy For Flying ‘Pride’ Flag

 The American government office in the United Arab Emirates drew analysis from inhabitants of the Middle East for flying a rainbow "Pride" banner. 

UAE Citizens Furious At US Embassy For Flying ‘Pride’ Flag

As CNBC detailed, the United States and the United Kingdom are the primary countries to fly a Pride banner at their discretionary missions in the Arab Gulf. At present, Article 354 of the United Arab Emirates' criminal code expresses that "whoever utilizes compulsion in having sex with a female or homosexuality with a male will be condemned to the death penalty." 

Recently, the U.S. Mission to the U.A.E. tweeted that "on the commemoration of Stonewall, an achievement in the American social liberties development, the U.S. Mission shows its help for the nobility and equity, all things considered."


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 Middle Eastern social media users were not happy.

“More western cultural imperialism,” tweeted one commenter.

 "I simply need a sensible arrangement time to get a substitution visa," jested another.

 Secretary of State Antony Blinken additionally declared that his specialization would fly the "Progress" banner — a variety of the rainbow Pride banner that fuses dark and earthy colored stripes for ethnic minorities, just as blue and pink for transgenderism — around the finish of June. 

Despite the fact that Blinken allowed the Pride banner and its varieties, the Defense Department ceased from any such activity on its bases. 

"After some cautious thought, the division will keep up with the current arrangement in regards to the showcase" at army installations, Defense Department representative John Kirby told correspondents. "There will not be an exemption made for the Pride banner." 

By the by, the Defense Department is presently offering — to citizens' detriment — "restoratively important progress related consideration" for servicemembers recognizing as transsexual. 

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