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A way to use your brain's abilities to the maximum.

 In the view of scientists, our brains possess far more than we actually use to build our abilities, and humans use only a simple and limited part of the brain, which explains some differences between humans in general. Some people are smart and some are very smart. Others count them as "less intelligent".

There are a lot of ideas and myths that have been associated with the abilities of the human mind throughout history, and one of the most popular myths - which has long prevailed among Western elites - that humans use only 10% of their brains.

It is an attractive idea and fondles human vanity, as British author Claudia Hammond says in an article published on BBC, because it "suggests that we can become smarter and more successful if we can reuse the 90% wasted of our brain capabilities."

But the author continues that this myth is completely devoid of truth, and in her essay Hammond discusses various aspects of this saying, emphasizing its scientific and physiological invalidity.

A way to use your brain's abilities to the maximum.

On the ground, the brain is a living organ that works hard and controls all the body's functions, is able to grow and develop if properly refined and trained scientifically, and may lose many of its abilities, damage and disadvantage if neglected.

Brain abilities and how to develop them:

The scientist and philosopher Matthew Bottomley says in an article published by Medium ( that "the human brain develops into adulthood through a process known as Thin-Slicing, where knowledge accumulates in layers the same way that sediment accumulates in the downstream before the rocks eventually form under pressure.

During this process, we take huge amounts of information and data around the world every moment we live in.

This huge volume of information is too great to deal with, especially in our early formative years, so people have developed ways to help through education, schools and universities so that knowledge is built.

This means that the brain is an organism that can develop and develop if it receives appropriate education and training, how can our brain's abilities be increased?

Saikrig ( has published a series of tips that will stop brain drain and enhance its abilities and get it to work at 100% of its capacity if followed, the most important of which are:

    Sleep at the right time:

Your mind is strained and tired of the enormous amount of information you process on a daily basis. Remember, the brain is your body's center of command. It controls all the internal and external processes of the body. When your mind gets tired and exhausted, it affects your cognitive abilities and the focus becomes difficult, impairing the ability to control and behave properly.

Therefore, your mind needs to rest to recharge and restore its abilities, here you should get enough sleep every night.

It is not only about getting the right amount of sleep, but also about sleeping at the right time, that is, at night. The benefits of sleeping in the day are not compared to the benefits of sleeping at night. God has made night slumber, that is, for rest and tranquillity.


Exercise not only helps to develop your body's muscles, but also helps to strengthen your brain. The brain needs strength to function. Strength means more energy and oxygen to perform at its best, and we need to remember here that the brain consumes 20% of the oxygen we breathe daily.

When exercising the blood flow in your body improves, sending more of it to your brain, which means more oxygen, as your body also secrets the hormone "endorphin" which makes you happy, reduces mental tension and increases brain abilities.

    Mental Exercise:

Our brain is a muscle, it needs daily exercises so that it does not atrophy and diminish its abilities. Reading is one of the most important activities recommended by scientists for brain exercise, as well as solving puzzles and crosswords, and playing chess.

If you are an e-game enthusiast, strategic games also help to exercise and develop your body's most important muscle.

    Smart Food:

Food also affects your brain function, remember that whatever you put in your body will affect your mind, and we advise you to eat so-called "smart food", which improves mind abilities.

This food consists of seafood, such as fish, salmon, tuna, sardines, as well as eggs, dark chocolate, nuts and, of course, plenty of fruits and vegetables.


Your inability to focus may be caused by overthinking, which leads to dispersion, you think of many things together, and this tires the brain and consumes its energy.

In such cases try meditation to gather your thoughts and calm your mind, meditation is very important to soothe the brain and self, so doing yoga exercises may be very useful to you.

Breathe deeply for a few minutes, because it increases the flow of oxygen to your brain, relieving its tension, and you can also customize a book to write down and organize your distracted thoughts.

    Do one task at a time:

In our accelerated age many people try to perform more than one task at the same time, and this tires the brain and drains its abilities, so it is better to focus on one task first before moving on to the next one.

This focus will help you solve your business or life problems better and more effectively.


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