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8 Areas of Online Work and Profit for 2023

 You want to work online and earn money from it, looking a lot at various endless YouTube sites and videos, but you often don't find a healing answer.

Perhaps you ask yourself what are the areas of profit from the Internet, and how I choose the area that suits my skills or experience so that I can make the most of the terrible world of technology.

In this particular article we will offer you a comprehensive overview of the top about the main areas of profit from the Internet.

Imagine yourself now flying over the online world like a falcon, looking to see the whole picture so that you can choose the right field from among the various areas of Internet profit, and pounce on it with all the power and enthusiasm that the falcon pounces on its prey.

The profit areas of the Internet are so many that it takes a lot of effort and expertise, and it takes a lot of time, and it takes some capital to start.

8 Areas of Online Work and Profit for 2023

Of course in each area there are many sub-areas, and there are a lot of details and information about starting up in each area.

In this article we will outline for beginners to explain the idea of each area, and also develop links to specialized topics that address deeper details, and more detailed points.

1. Field of making and editing video:

It is no secret that the most consuming type of content on the Internet is video. YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, etc., capture the lion's share of internet users' time.

In fact, this has created many, many practical and profitable opportunities, which tens of thousands of people around the world operate, so I think the field of making and editing video is the first on the list of areas of profit from the Internet.

It is worth mentioning that the field of making and editing video is one of the most developed and demanding areas in the labor market, just monitor your personal consumption of videos on social media platforms and you will understand it.

2. Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is the centerpiece and the first element in all areas of profit from the Internet. In fact, there is no area of profit from the Internet that does not need to be marketed, and when we say marketing here we mean marketing through the Internet, digital or electronic marketing.

Although online marketing is a common and essential element in all areas of profit from the Internet, it can be seen as an independent area and profits can be generated through a lot of ways and strategies.

You actually market something every day without knowing. Remember you trying to convince one of your friends that a particular product is better than another? Or trying to convince your father to use a particular service that might save him effort and money. This is in short the meaning of marketing in general, to convince a particular person that this product is useful to him.

Surely you watch a lot of ads whether you walk down the street, and you may find whoever distributes trailer to you as well, as well as on TV, these ads are intended to buy a particular service or product.

It's just that you're going to do it too, but only online, you're promoting a particular product or service in exchange for material. This exchange you get directly from the owner of the product or service, or you get it from the difference between the sale and purchase price in case the product belongs to you?

Marketing is to put the product in front of the person who wants it in time. You can promote offers and products via websites, or via social media such as Facebook or YouTube completely free of charge.

There are different types of e-marketing, such as commission marketing (in this corresponding type you get is based on the results and sales you achieve), and direct marketing (in this type you get only promotion regardless of the results).

3. Field of Profit from Advertising by Content Industry:

Have you downloaded a program or film from a site such as myegy or Arablionz before? Didn't you notice that when you click on a specific link you are converted to a page with an ad, wait for 5 seconds and then go to the download page or watch?

This page that you are watching now did you not see in the beginning images with this sign "AD" which means an ad, when you browse you don't find some ads running before or even while you watch some videos, and also you will find ads in search results as well.

In this area you basically provide the place where ads are displayed, and of course this place has to be attractive to visitors (anything they want), so that ads get views or clicks.

You can create a website or YouTube channel, and earn from advertising through various advertising programs such as adsence.

4. Entrepreneurship:

Self-employment is to be the manager of yourself and your employer, this area is very common in the job market on the ground and also online. You offer your services and skills to those who need them for money.

You can be a designer, writer, programmer, montage expert, fitness instructor, and many other skills. These skills are needed by many people, especially online, and they will pay you for your help.

This field requires skill and experience, but who doesn't have skill or experience, you can take advantage of your field of study, your life experiences, or even learn a new skill you are passionate about like graphic design. Even if you spend your day following social media sites you can earn from self-employment.

5. Micro-Service Area:

This area is also part of the field of self-employment, but it is different from it at several important points, so I have given it its own part until I make it clear to you.

This domain is to share your time to do simple things for companies or entrepreneurs, for example you can test some apps and express your opinion on them, some software or e-services.

There are companies that want to test their products and services before they are offered to users, and they will pay you for it. You can also act as an entrepreneur's assistant. You can respond to emails or comments on social media pages.

You can also offer simple services such as converting some videos into written text, or enter some data into excel tables for example.

What makes this field different from self-employment, you do not need any particular skill or experience, all you have to donate only your time.

6. E-commerce:

This field is very suitable if you like to make things with your own hand or like to trade in general, you can sell anything these days anywhere in the world, you may be skilled in handicrafts and distinctive decorations, or know the sources of buying any product wholesale.

You can sell your product by building an electronic store, or you can sell on different selling platforms like Marketplace, Facebook and etsy, it has become very easy.

7. Cryptocurrency Area:

Have you ever heard of block-chain technology or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? If you've never heard of this, let me simply explain it to you.

You know what paper currencies we trade every day - such as pound, dinar and rial - are gold bonds, which people used to trade like selling and buying.

When the need arose to save these funds in designated places (such as banks), people began using securities (bank papers proving their ownership of gold) to sell and buy, hence paper currencies.

In this modern age information is gold, and because information is very sensitive and important, and must be secured online, technology like blockchain has emerged, which helps in the process of circulating information and data quite securely and very complicated.

As a result, cryptocurrencies emerged as a result of the exchange of information through this technology, and then the process of trading information began using these currencies, as was the case with bonds previously.

Thus, these cryptocurrencies have become very valuable, and you know that right now at the time of writing this article that 1 BTC (bitcoin abbreviation) is worth USD 5,300. This currency was valued at over $20,000 in the middle of last year.

Because the transfer of information on the Internet takes place using computers and requires certain possibilities, you can profit from these currencies through mining using your computer at home, or you can trade in these same currencies, you buy them cheap and sell them when they increase in price, such as trading in shares we have explained earlier.


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