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The harsh winter is coming, here are the coldest countries in the world

 Winter is entering this year in conjunction with the intensification of the global crisis of gas and oil supplies in Europe and the world due to the Russian-Ukrainian War, with experts warning that many countries of the world, particularly on the European continent, are coming into a bitter, cold winter.

European governments are striving to avert a widespread energy crisis as winter approaches and unaffordable energy bills rise as European governments look for unconventional measures to rein in high prices, from capping oil and gas prices to temporary suspension of energy derivatives trading, Bloomberg said recently.

In these difficult winter situations, a question emerges: you see what are the world's coldest nations? That's what we'll know in this report.

The harsh winter is coming, here are the coldest countries in the world

The 10 coldest countries in the world at the lowest temperature recorded:

In this report, we review the world's 10 coldest countries, depending on the first method, the coldest temperature ever recorded in each country.


Russia is the coldest country in the world with the coldest temperature ever recorded, with the towns of Verkhoyansk and Oymyakon in the Russian Federation's Sakha Republic registering a cold, freezing temperature of "-67.8".

The town of Uemiakun, popularly known as the "cold pole", is a remote area inhabited only by about 500 permanent residents, one of the world's coldest permanently inhabited settlements. The cold in this town is extreme and makes it difficult to use tools, because batteries and engines usually end up freezing, and the population consumes meat mostly because crops do not grow in those remote frozen areas.


Greenland is an independent self-governing country, belonging to the Kingdom of Denmark, and was the coldest temperature ever recorded on the world's largest island "-66.1" In 1954, it is the second-coldest country in the world, and most of the island's regions are icy throughout the year, with more than 56 thousand people living either of the Inuit ethnicity, the island's indigenous population or of immigrant Danish origin.


Canada is the coldest country in North America with the coldest temperature ever recorded (-63.0 ° C) in the town of Snag, Yukon province, in 1947.

Other areas are very cold in Canada with record temperatures in the Basano Dam, Alberta province (-61.1 ° C), Forth Smith (-59.4 ° C) and Leyton (-58.9 ° C).


The United States is a huge country with different temperatures by state and time of year. What distinguishes the United States is the fact that it ranks as one of the coldest countries and also as one of the hottest in the world.

The lowest temperature ever recorded in the United States was -62.2 ° C on 23 January 1971 in the Prospect Creek region near the Arctic, Alaska, the largest state in the United States by area, and home to one of the world's largest glaciers.

Other regions and states in America are extremely cold: Montana, Yutua, Wyoming and Colorado, with the coldest temperatures ranging from -62 to -52 degrees Celsius.


China is one of the coldest countries in the world due to freezing cold winters in the northern regions of the country, while the southern parts enjoy warmer weather, and the lowest temperature ever recorded in China was (-58) ° C on December 31, 2009 in the Genhe region of the northern province of Inner Mongolia, making China the fifth-coldest country in the world.


Mongolia is a State located in Eastern Asia and bordered by Russia from the North and China from the South habitually long and harsh winters in the country, forcing Bedouin tribes to set up fixed camps and stay in the same place for long periods of time population ", where the majority of the population adapted their lifestyles to the country's extreme temperatures and continued to survive in extremely harsh conditions.

The country's temperatures range from -20 to -45 degrees Celsius in winter, while the coldest temperature recorded in Mongolia was in the Züüngovi region in December 1976, reaching -55.3 degrees Celsius.


The Kyrgyz Republic is located in the central region of the Asian continent and is widely known for its many giant mountains, bordered from the South of Tajikistan, from the North of Kazakhstan, from the West of Uzbekistan and from the East of China, and is one of the world's coldest countries with a very harsh and cold winter, with low temperatures reaching (-30) ° C in many regions and mountains, the coldest temperature ever recorded in the country (-53.6 ° C).


Sweden is a Scandinavian country located in the northern part of Europe, and there is a quick fact about this country that more than half of Sweden's entire area is forest.

The northern part of Sweden has a mild summer climate, a very cold winter with snow covering natural areas for months, and the lowest temperature ever recorded in Sweden reached (-53.0) ° C on 13 December 1941 in the Malgovik region of Västerbotten.

Winters in Sweden are usually long, icy, dry and freezing with sub-zero temperatures, and temperatures are common to reach around -40 ° C in winter in some areas such as Norland, yet temperatures in central Sweden and the southern part of the country are usually much lower.


Finland is the second-coldest Scandinavian country, enjoying one of the world's longest winter seasons, with winters lasting nearly 100 days in the south-west and 200 days in the northern regions of the country, and the lowest temperature recorded at -51.5 degrees Celsius recorded in the far north of the country in 1919.

In northern Finland, northern lights usually appear around August and end in early April each year, and northern lights are colourful skies with a very beautiful view rather than the usual blue skies in various countries of the world.


Norway is also on the list of the world's coldest countries, a Nordic country, and the Finnmark plain is the coldest region of mainland Norway, according to Nordnorge.

However, the lowest temperature ever recorded in Norway is (-51.2) ° C in Karasjok City.

Norway is one of the best countries to see the beautiful northern lights, and many people hope to visit Norway to see this glamorous view of the sky.


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