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What should I do if my luggage is lost at the airport?

 Some travelers accidentally lose luggage and bags at the airport, causing increased feelings of inconvenience and distress before the start of the tourist trip, so you can follow a number of tips to get bags and lost baggage at the airport.

What should I do if my luggage is lost at the airport?

Report your lost bag to the agent:

Once you know where to report this, it is necessary to tell the agent that the baggage did not arrive as expected, in addition, it is possible to present a copy of the baggage tag that the traveler received at check-in and ask the agent to look up the information, alternatively it can also be searched proactively About the bag's status in an airline app if applicable.

keep calm:

If the traveler has done the first two steps, and can't find the bag, it's time to alert the airline, before the traveler does so take a deep breath and try to keep the traveler calm so as not to exacerbate the situation, the travel is stressful enough and if the bags do not arrive It only increases anxiety levels, however action will not help the situation and can exacerbate the problem. When you are in a calm enough mental state, it is time to act.

Locate the baggage counter of the airline that operated your final flight:

The first step is to find the airline's baggage office, if the entire cruise trip is on one airline, this should be simple.

However, if the passenger is on a connecting flight with more than one airline, the claim must be submitted to the carrier operating the last flight because that airline is ultimately responsible for delivering the bag to the traveler.

It is advised to keep in mind that if a person travels to a small airport, they may need to report the lost bag to a contracting agency that works with many airlines, and it is also possible to search only for the logo of the airline that operated the last flight.

look elsewhere:

If the suitcase and baggage do not come off the carousel, there is a slight chance that the passenger has made the trip but has been emptied elsewhere. You may also wait at the airline's baggage counter or other holding area.

In theory, such a thing shouldn't happen, but it's worth checking back before reporting your baggage to the airline as lost.

be patient:

Baggage procedures at airports can be very complicated at large hubs, so waiting 30 or even 45 minutes for bags is not only normal, but to be expected this can cause baggage to be lost, so if the bag doesn't arrive initially it doesn't necessarily mean it's lost There may be a delay in arriving on time at the airport.


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