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5 things that happened in the world of technology in 2021

 According to an analysis published by Bernard Marr, a specialized writer and author of one of the best-selling books in the world, in which he talks about the fourth industrial revolution, and the technologies that will rule it, artificial intelligence will expand and enter people's lives more, robots and remotely piloted aircraft will become widespread, and we will witness an increase relying on cloud computing services. These technologies will become more and more important in your life.

5 things that happened in the world of technology in 2021

The most prominent technology results in 2021

5G network:

Greater speeds, larger capacities, this is what everyone is waiting for from the services of the fifth generation Internet networks, which will more affect the provision of video and music services, and other services that will need high speeds.

Services such as self-driving cars or even remotely operated robots will also depend on the reliability and efficiency of these networks in delivering and receiving commands at tremendous speeds and in a time of less than fractions of a second.

Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality "VR" and augmented reality "XR" will dominate visual products, which will try to provide a closer view of reality and other dimensions to the user.

Optical products like smart glasses or gaming glasses, companies will expand their reliance on them, especially as internet speeds improve.

Artificial intelligence (AI) :

This branch of technology will become one of the most important and valuable tools in interpreting and understanding the world around us, especially in times such as a pandemic and the spread of diseases, as health care information will be like a machine learning mine with algorithms that will give a comprehensive picture of what is happening in the world, and provide governments and international organizations with deeper guidance in Dealing with crises.

On the business front, as online activities continue and expand, companies will need AI to better understand user behavior.

Cloud computing:

Cloud platforms will become the most important key in order to deal with the huge amount of data that will be analyzed by artificial intelligence systems.

This technology will simplify the services that any organization or company, whether large or small, will provide, which has attracted technology giants such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google to invest in providing cloud computing services.

Automation and remote control:

Robots, planes, remotely piloted vehicles, and self-driving cars, all of this we will witness an increase in reliance on during the coming period.

It is expected that we will witness more services that will be provided in homes and carried out by devices without human intervention, while some supermarkets have begun to experiment with the use of delivering goods or medicines and even laboratory samples via drones.


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