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Turn on Dark Mode on Snapchat for Android


On Android, turning on dull mode for Snapchat is significantly more confounded than simply changing a setting. The application hasn't yet gotten an authority update that adds local dull mode. It will happen ultimately, yet while we look out for that, there are truly very few options in contrast to getting dull mode in Snapchat for Android.

How to Turn on Dark Mode on Snapchat for Android

1. Open the Settings app on your device.

2. Go to Display.

3. Toggle on the “Dark theme” option.

4. Next, make sure Developer mode is turned on. To do so, go back to the Settings app on your device.

5. Navigate all the way down to “About phone” and tap on it.

6. Locate the “Build button” section/option and tap on it seven times to unlock Developer Options.

7. Now go back to the main Settings screen and tap on System.

8. Tap on Advanced (if you’re on a Pixel). It may not be necessary on other devices.


9. Select Developer options.

10. Tap on the magnifying glass at the top and search for “dark.”

11. Select the “Override force-dark” option and tap on it.

12. Toggle the option on.

13. Open your Snapchat app again. You should be able to start browsing the app in dark mode.


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