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Trump Claims China, Russia Reverse-engineering US Military Equipment Left In Afghanistan

Trump claimed without evidence that China and Russia are examining helicopters the US abandoned in Afghanistan to steal their secrets

 ✔ The US left airplane, vehicles, firearms, and other gear in Afghanistan during the troop pullout. 

Trump asserted Sunday that China and Russia were concentrating on deserted Apache helicopters. 

✔A Pentagon representative told Insider: "No Apaches were abandoned in Afghanistan." 

Previous President Donald Trump has guaranteed, without giving proof, that China and Russia were holding onto helicopters deserted by the US military in Afghanistan and ravaging their mysteries. 

During its quick pullout from Afghanistan, the US military left behind airplane, land vehicles, firearms, and scores of other gear. 

"I ensure that China, Russia as of now have our Apache helicopters, and they're dismantling them to discover precisely how they're made. They're the most incredible on the planet by a wide margin," Trump said during a meeting on "Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson" that broadcasted Sunday. 

"Furthermore, they're dismantling them so they can make precisely the same hardware. They're awesome at that. It's a shame." 

Talking from his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, Trump offered no proof for his comments, yet when inquired as to whether he actually got US knowledge briefings, he said: "I get assuming I need. I get what I need. I hear what's happening." 

"Coincidentally, you don't require intel briefings. You should simply peruse the news or turn on the TV," he said. 

A Pentagon representative told Insider, "No Apaches were abandoned in Afghanistan." 

In the meeting, Trump proceeded to hammer the Biden organization's giving of the Afghanistan pullout. 

"It's the most awkwardly took care of withdrawal ever. There will never be been in any way similar to this, where we gave them $85 billion worth of shiny new, excellent hardware," he said. 

Trump's reference to the $85 billion worth of hardware is expanded: As The Washington Post recently revealed, that figure seems, by all accounts, to be a high gauge for all spending appropriated for Afghanistan since 2001, and just a small part of that went to gear. The worth of the gear abandoned in Afghanistan and seized by the Taliban is additionally muddled. 

The US military said last month that it had for all time incapacitated in excess of 150 vehicles and airplane before it left so they could "never be utilized again," however Taliban contenders have had the option to catch other armory. 

Recently a Times of London writer revealed that the Taliban utilized US-made weapons and cuffs in their fight for Panjshir, the last Afghan area opposing their standard. 

Conservatives, including Trump, have faulted President Joe Biden for the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, while Biden authorities have accused Trump and Afghan powers.


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