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"the Video" : shows a train crash with a truck carrying a wind turbine blade in Luling, Texas

Wind power met the force of a train this end of the week, as a truck pulling a breeze turbine sharp edge was struck by a train in Luling, Texas. The extra-long freight was being accompanied through town when it became hung up on a railroad crossing while at the same time endeavoring to arrange the turn. No wounds have been accounted for. 

"the Video" :  shows a train crash with a truck carrying a wind turbine blade in Luling, Texas

This video presented on Facebook Sunday by Jon Throgmorton gives the most clear perspective on the truck at the time it was hit by the train, which was going through the level intersection at speed. Throgmorton says he works for another shipping outfit; his representative saw/recorded the occurrence. 

A subsequent video presented on Facebook by client Caleb Brandon shows the mishap from a service station on the contrary side of the intersection, with the trailer and turbine noticeable at the hour of effect. Luling Police disclosed to San Antonio's KSAT that separated from the truck and turbine, three left vehicles, a business building and a utility post were harmed; the train's two driving trains were likewise harmed. 

The mishap occurred at the convergence of U.S. Expressway 90 and U.S. 183 (E. Penetrate Street and N. Magnolia Avenue). The truck was endeavoring to take a right on U.S. 183 when it seems to have become caught on the intersection signal. The truck was more than most of the way across the tracks when the entryways descended. 

By then, the driver frantically attempts to clear the intersection before the train shows up, tearing the still-caught crossing signal significantly further from its anchors before the effect, which shreds the trailer and turbine and topples the taxi of the semi. The driver was not truly stung. 

Local people on Twitter have called attention to that trucks commonly utilize an alternate exit off of U.S. 90 to go straight through this convergence, instead of making the wide right turn across the tracks. It seems the driver and additionally escorts of the truck being referred to were either new to the region or given awful headings


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