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Afghanistan has 22 tons of gold in a vault in NY. The Taliban cannot touch it.

 The Biden organization has frozen the Afghanistan government's property in US banks, keeping the Taliban from getting to billions of dollars—a significant, if uncertain, part of the country's unfamiliar stores. 

Afghanistan has 22 tons of gold in a vault in NY. The Taliban cannot touch it.

Among the resources caught in this freeze is a reserve of gold bars saved in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. As indicated by figures distributed by Afghanistan's national bank, the store added up to about 22 tons of gold as of December 2020, the latest date for which this information is accessible. At current costs benchmarked by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), the gold is worth around $1.25 billion. 

The gold addresses in excess of a 10th of the stores the Afghanistan government holds, in banks at home just as in different nations including the US. The national bank, named Da Afghanistan Bank (DAB), claimed around $10 billion for possible later use resources as of June, as per information distributed by the bank. In relative terms, this is an extremely critical figure for Afghanistan. By examination, the country's GDP in 2020 was generally $20 billion, as per the World Bank. 

US freezes Afghanistan's resources : 

The vast majority of this $10 billion for possible later use is stopped abroad, albeit unquestionably the DAB's own vaults hold essentially $160 million in business gold and silver, just as a depository of antiquated gold trimmings that are important for the alleged Bactrian Treasure, recuperated from 2,000-year-old entombment locales. Generally $9.5 billion of the DAB's property are global stores, as per the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which assessed in June that these stores could pay for Afghanistan's imports for a very long time. 

It isn't clear correctly what extent of these global stores lives in US financial balances specifically. However, generally $4.2 billion of the DAB's $9.5 billion in worldwide stores are held as US depository bonds, depository bills, and US dollar-named government bonds. 

The US had frozen Afghanistan's resources back in 1999 too, three years after the Taliban previously assumed responsibility for the country. In January 2002, after the US military toppled the Taliban's administration, the resources were defrosted, delivering generally $193 million in gold and $24 million in different resources held at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

How the Taliban Took Over Afghanistan. 


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