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Media reports George W. Bush says consequences of Afghanistan withdrawal will be "unbelievably bad"

 Former President George W. Bush sharply criticized President Biden's decision to withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan, telling German broadcaster DW News Wednesday that he believes Afghan women and girls will suffer "unspeakable harm."

Media reports George W. Bush says consequences of Afghanistan withdrawal will be "unbelievably bad"

Why it makes a difference: Bush arranged the intrusion of Afghanistan in 2001 to overturn the Taliban and deny al-Qaeda of a place of refuge to dispatch fear monger assaults against the United States. After twenty years, Biden is finishing America's longest conflict. 

What they're saying: Reflecting on his relationship with resigning German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Bush said he was "exceptionally satisfied" that she upheld the NATO mission in Afghanistan and asserted that Merkel "saw the improvement that could be made for young ladies and young ladies." 

"It's extraordinary how that society transformed from the fierceness of the Taliban. Furthermore, presently out of nowhere, tragically, I'm apprehensive Afghan ladies and young ladies will experience unspeakable mischief," Bush said. 

The 43rd president proceeded to say that he accepts the U.S. withdrawal is a slip-up and that "the outcomes will be inconceivably awful." 

"Laura and I invested a great deal of energy with Afghan ladies. Furthermore, they're terrified," Bush added. "What's more, think about every one of the mediators and individuals who helped not just U.S. troops, however NATO troops. It appears as though they're simply going to be abandoned to be butchered by these exceptionally severe individuals. It makes me extremely upset." 

The higher perspective: Biden last week straightforwardly tended to a portion of the reactions repeated by Bush, and affirmed that the organization will clear Afghans who worked with the U.S. troops to third nations while their visa applications are handled. 

Biden has set an Aug. 31 cutoff time to end U.S. military tasks in Afghanistan, where regions constrained by the Afghan government have been quickly tumbling to the Taliban in the course of recent months. 

The president has rejected that a Taliban takeover of Kabul is inescapable, however focused on that it's up to the Afghan public — not the U.S. — to choose their future. Biden has recently said that while he will keep on supporting ladies' privileges in Afghanistan, that isn't the reason the U.S. military was sent there. 

"Almost 20 years of involvement has shown us, and the current security circumstance affirms, that only one more year of battling in Afghanistan isn't an answer however a formula for being there endlessly," Biden said last week.

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