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How to Prepare Chicken Breast with Satay Sauce


4 x onion (small cut for sauce)

3 x number of fish sauce

2 x number of crushed garlic cloves

2 x small hanging ginsbill (grated)

2 x large hanging sunflower oil (for sauce)

2 x number of mashed garlic cloves (for dressing)

2 x hanging large soy sauce (for sauce)

2 x horn pepper number (for sauce)

2 x number of lemon grasses (for sauce)

2 x hanging large brown sugar

1 x kilo chicken breast (cubes)

1 x cup of coconut milk (for dressing)

X x cup butter (for sauce)


In a deep bowl, place the chicken, garlic, sauce and ginger, and mix well.

Then cover the container and refrigerate for at least one hour.

Then put the oil, the onion, the garlic, the ginger, and the peppers on the fire, and turn over until golden.

Then add the rest of the ingredients of the sauce and turn and then rise the fire and leave until the textures.

Then spread the chicken pieces in the roast skewers.

Then on a very hot grill Nashwa chicken breast.

Grilled chicken skewers are served with separate satay sauce in Al Hana and Shifa.


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