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How the sprouting beans work

Bean is a vegetable that is characterized by containing a large amount of nutrients, this bean called many of the names according to the different culture of each country, such as cornea or catanese or folic beans and this bean in more than one way, so we will show you how the bean sprouts.

What is the sprouting bean?
- Bean sprouts are a type of pulses pulses, these grains have the ability to contribute to the improvement of soil fertility and the installation of atmospheric nitrogen through the partnership through coexistence.
- Bean sprouts are one of the sources in obtaining vitamins and vegetable protein, which is the most suitable alternative to animal protein and is accessible to all.

- Bean sprouts from the most common types of leguminous beans because it contains mineral salts, phosphorus, iron, proteins and mineral salts that increase the rate of beneficial cholesterol in the blood and remove blood from harmful cholesterol.

- This bean works on the production of red blood cells, but despite this benefit is not advised over-eating because it may cause some anemia and anemia.

Preparation of sprouting bean soup

- Half a cup of rice.

- Half a tablespoon of municipal ghee.

- Two cups of sprouting beans.

- Two love from the grateful.

- Two love of halal love.

- Salt spray.

- A tablespoon of lemon juice.

- Six to seven cups of water.

 How to prepare

1. Peel the sprouted beans and place in a deep bowl with the addition of an appropriate amount of water in the container.

Leave in this container for twenty minutes and put on high heat to note that the beans have already matured.

3. Add the sprouting beans to both rice and salt and cover the pot.

4. Reduce the level of fire on the beans and leave for half an hour.

5 - We heat the ghee, mashka and cardamom and turn the ingredients until they become golden color.

6. All previous ingredients are placed on the soup and served hot.

Another way to make bean sprouts
the ingredients

- Three cups of love beans.

- Water as needed.

- Two heads of onions cut to thin sides.

-  quarter cup of lemon juice.

- a large spoon of cumin, and margarine.

- One teaspoon of crushed halo.

 How to prepare

1 - Wash the beans well water and placed in a deep vase.

2 - the beans are immersed in water, and leave for a period of not less than two days must be kept constant change of water from time to time.

3. We remove the water from it, cover the beans with a damp cloth, a nylon bag, and leave for another two days.

4. Beans are washed well after sprouting.

5 - Put the ghee on a low heat until heated and brown onions in it.

6. Add latency and salt with onion and stir until it becomes golden-colored.

7 - Put the sprouting beans, ground halo, a little water, lemon juice.

7. Leave all these ingredients on low heat until the beans are fully cooked.

8. Serve hot beans.

The method of the work of bean sprouts
the ingredients

- Kilo ful napt.

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- Large onion cut cubes.

- 10 garlic cloves minced.

- Kilo tomato juice.

- Corn oil.

- 3 tablespoons fat.

- tablespoon salt.

- 0.25 min small black pepper.


1. The sprouted beans are chopped and soaked in water.

2 - The onion and garlic are heated in a suspension of the ghee until browned face.

3. Place the beans with onion and garlic and stir well.

4. In an external vase, put the saffron and then add the beans and spices with a spoonful of tomato sauce and stir until cooked.

5- After full maturity, put in dishes and served hot.

How to make bean soup sprouting with vegetables
the ingredients

- Half a kilo ful napt.

- 1 His islands are detachable cubes.

- 1 large onions cubes.

- 1 cube cubes.

Vesan garlic.

- a small spoon of salt.

- 1 teaspoon black pepper.

- teaspoon cumin.

Oud Qarafa.

- Laura paper.

Half - Packed celery and parsley.

- 2 tablespoons corn oil.

- Hot water

- Lemon.

How to prepare

1- Add the oil in a pot on the fire and heat well.

2 - Put onions first and then garlic and start to stir onions and garlic well to brown a face.

3 - Add the zucchini to onions and garlic and put a little water with them and stir them well.

4. Spice with salt, black pepper, cinnamon and celery is placed after boiling the beans with zucchini.

5 - Leave all the previous ingredients together and the fire is cooled and left to mature.


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